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Tuesday 16 January 2018


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Choosing a patron is one of the most important decisions of every school. Primary school no. 5 in Chełmża had to face the same question: Who can be chosen as an example for the youth? When the school celebrated its tenth anniversary, it choose the Holy Father to become the patron of the school: John Paul II.

The decision was the result of a school referendum. Initially, every teacher and all of the pupils could notify their parents. In the conducted referendum the majority of the voices went to pope John Paul II. Other proposed patrons included Alfons Groszkowski, Janusz Korczak, Wincenty Frelichowski and cardinal Wyszyński.

Pope John Paul II is a person of unquestioned universally authority, which is recognised by the present generation. The school has a desire to shape the youth about science while bringing them the values recognised by the Holy Father. His just will gives us the spiritual support because it teaches us to be free and how to support God and mankind.

The Holy Father is a person who is close to all Poles. That bond grows tighter with the Successor's belief in the Holy Peter who transfers his heart and mind via padre Bishop Andrzej Suskiego - Ordinary of our Diocese, and the priest of our parish, Sygfryd the Urban, and also all the priests and catechises of servants to our parish.

Science is the foundation of the educational programme of the school and the testimonial life, which has passed upon the Holy Father John Paul II. The educational work of the school needs to be guided on the patron's approximaty and his teaching.

In 2003 the school has followed this process to confirm the name of John Paul II as its patron:

• January

Undertaking of the resolutions by the Pedagogical Advice, the Parents Advisory Board, the School Pupil Board about the confirmation of the school name to be John Paul II

Informing the leading organs of the school about the intention of the school’s naming

• February - June

I Visit of the delegation to Bishop Andrzej Suskiego with a letter to the secretariat of the apostolic capital with a request upon papal blessing as well as the school's request to carry the name of the Holy Father. The bishop settled a deadline for the ceremony. The delegation was composed of the representatives of the Parent Advisory Board, the chairwoman of the Pupil board, a teacher, a representative of the Pedagogical Advice, the manager of the school and a curate priest.

II. Initiating of the process of educational tasks and the confirmation of the school's name. This included:
Suitable decoration of the corridors and teaching halls
The realisation of bulletins, thematic albums, competitions on the subject of John Paul II
Writing literary works, poems. The following classes wrote on the following subjects

• in classes I to III  "John Paul II – Child's Friend”
• in classes IV to V "John Paul II in Motherland”
• in class VI " John Paul II – the Champion of the Room”, " John's Paul II Travels”, "John Paul II the Writer and the Poet”

Gathering materials relating to the patron biography – books, articles and videos
The projection of films about the life and work of the Patron
Social evening on Patron's subject
Foundation of the Patron's Room

• June

The announcement of the approval of the Municipal Advice in Chełmża about the of name the school

• October
• the ceremony of the confirmation of the name

The programme of the confirmation of the name 17.10.2003

10.00 - 11.00 Mass in the cathedral of Chełmża for the whole community under the guidance of the Bishop
11.00 - 11.30 March from church to school
11.30 - 12.30 Official ceremony, speeches, musical intersections
12.30 - 13.00 Handing out the prices to the winners of the competitions
13.00 - 13.30 Sightseeing of the school

October 17, which is the day of name confirmation will in the school's future be a holiday in name of the Patrons. During this day the teachers and the pupils will reflect on their ways and the obligations which they have undertaken.

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