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Sunday 21 January 2018


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We offer our pupils a good didactic base, offering different educational rooms. These include:
• computer hall (internet access on 10 computers)
• the nature's laboratory
• library and reading-room
• TV and video hall,
• common room with guardian
• gymnastic and corrective gymnastics hall
• canteen
• therapeutic study with educator
• room for special education

We offer the varied forms of extra curricular activities:
• sport classes
• scout team (bivouacs, trip)
• Polish language
• English language
• German language
• Mathematical courses
• historical courses
• drama courses
• European Union courses
• school bulletin editing
• schoolboy council.
• computer courses (programming, game, internet)
• vocal team

• The high level of education of the school gives pupils an advantage in high school
• The graduates of the school continue to study at the Academic High School in Toruń
• Many pupils of the school became laureates of competitions such as: the mathematical  competition the "Kangaroo”, " task League”, Polish language competition, German language competition, mythological competition etc.
• The school attempts to create a special and nice atmosphere at school - children will not be bored. At the same time, the excessive quantity of material neither becomes a burden.
• The employed teachers are highly qualified, so the commitment to higher education is shown and also the rich knowledge and experience with working with children.
• We are concerned about the safety of our pupils and take care of good contacts with Police and Municipal Guard
• We take care about the protection of pupils concerning pressure of using drugs or entering a criminal environment. This is achieved not only by working at it directly, but as well through prevention. In this the school is supported y parents and the Information office of the Psychological - Pedagogical Office.
• The school organises many entertaining activities such as disco, celebrations and class ceremonies but as well trips, rallies, visits to the museum and theatre plays and as well visits to cinema's.
• The school organises "White Holidays" in the period of winter breaks, in co-operation with council centres, social care and activities of the economic schools.
• Certain deprived pupils are supported with material help
• The school organises hot tea breakfasts
• the school achieves regularly sports triumphs
• The school offers support for children in trouble by means of the pedagogical team
• The school has a policy to be 'open', meaning that children can participate in different state an local ceremonies, while actively participating in humane activity.
• During the summer the library remains open. The school organises reading, periodical instructions and one has the opportunity to get advise of the librarian.
• The school follows a decent didactic process. Children work in small groups, so the teacher can optimise the teaching for each pupil and achieve better results.
• The school provides psychological and pedagogical support
• The school guarantees a high level of organisation
• At the school is a well-stocked shop

Disadvantages of the school
• the high costs of school maintenance
• the dangerous road which runs close to the school
• the lack of pool and a spacious gymnastic hall

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