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Primary School No. 5 has existed since 1992 on terrain II. The building is a former storage place and was the object of disputes, as one was discussing its destination. It consists of two parts; the old part, which has been adapted into habitable buildings and the new part, which was newly erected. The creation of a municipal kindergarten with a canteen which would be able to serve 600 school children was initially planned. However, the amount of children in the local kindergarten was diminishing while the need for a new elementary school was rising. Consequently, the destination of the building was changed into being a new elementary school.


The City Council undertook this resolution on September 12, 1990. The opening ceremony of the school took place at September 1, 1992. At the ceremony spoke the then Mayor of Chelmza, mr. Jan Krajewski, the Head of the Education Department of Torun, ms. Lidia Kopczyńska, the priest Alfons Groszkowski as well as the Headmaster of the school, mr. Mirosław Laskowski. The school started with 203 pupils over seven classes. In it work 8 teachers and 14 service workers. Since the initiation of the school mr. Mirosław Laskowski has been Headmaster. He has guaranteed the important features of the school; suitable technical equipment, the teachers' high qualifications and consequently the high level of education, the creation of a special atmosphere. All together they stand for a friendly school for children.


The decision to change destination came late. The construction plans initially only covered some insignificant adaptations of the rooms. However, a complete new part of the building was created with six regular teaching rooms and one, atypical teaching room was constructed and equipped with audio visual material. The majority of the rooms of the old building were occupied by the Pedagogical and Psychological offices of the Municipality of Chelmza. The gymnastic hall is non functioning and it occupies 100 m2. The library consists of many atypical rooms. During the school year 1993-1994 the pupils of the fourth degree had to change schools and finish their fifth to eight grades in the city center’s school.


During the following seven years of existence, the municipality helped the school to deal with various difficulties. This results in content parents, development of the teachers, creation of economic activity and an improved service o the city's posts. The satisfaction of parents is reflected in their willingness to bring their children to John Paul II's even from distant regions of the city. The parents praise the high level of teaching, the school's cleanness and the special atmosphere of the school. The school depended from the start of its existence on the parents and the children, to make it able to study till the completion of the eight grade. The educational reforms at the end of the 1990ies made it possible for the school to create a complete six year elementary school. In the summer of 2001 the Information Office of the Pedagogical Psychological Municipality's office moved out of the old school building. The moving has provided space which has been used to set up additional teaching rooms, trading classes, a hall of corrective gymnastics etc.


The blessing of the school

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