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Saturday 20 January 2018


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In Chelmża are two Catholic cemeteries. The oldest one of these has been established in the early nineteenth century. The  wall around the cemetery is probably build from the bricks of the burned and later pulled down St. George church. The cemetery itself contains two interesting chapels. One of them belongs to the Kalkstein family and dates from 1860. It is build in an octagonal shape, in a neo classical style. Inside the chapel there is a neo-gothic altar. The other one belongs to the Zawisza Czarny family. It has been erected in 1879 and is built in a neo baroque style. In it rests Alfred Zawisza Czarny (1811-1878). He was an officer in the Polish uprising of 1830-1831. The cemetery further contains the graves of

· Franciszek Tretkowski (+1944), who was soloist at the Berlin opera,
· Zofia Świdnowa - Wasilewska, who was a doctor for Polish troops in 1914-1920 and 1939-1945,
· Memorial and graves of victims of WWII

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