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Friday 21 June 2019


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St.Nicholas Affiliated Church

The church has been chronicled in 1248 by Eastern Presbyterians and therefore it is believed that it originates before that time. It is constructed of red bricks and field stones. The roof of the church tower is topped by a lantern with a spire. In 1828 the Evangelical community took the church over by force of a decision of the Prussian king Frederic Wilhelm III. In the middle of the 19th century, the tower was heightened and arms of the transept and a neo-Gothic annexe were added. In 1948 the church was returned to the Roman Catholic parish. During the 1960ies balconies in the transept were removed. Within the passage from the vestibule into the church a Gothic portal closed with a swing door have been preserved. Among the most interesting pieces in the church are:

• Main wooden altar of 1612. It was granted by the then Mayor of Toruń, Walenty Żuława.
• Three rococo style altars from the second half of the 18th centuy. These are holding paintings of St. Roch, St. Barbara and Virgin Mary aiding the Faithfull. They have been created by Władysław Drapiewski from Pelplin. The top part of the baroque altar shows the Holy Trinity.

More antiques in the St. Nicholas Church...

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