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Thursday 19 July 2018


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District and Municipal Public Library in Chełmża
Market 4 tel. 675-61-33

     In the District and Municipal Public Library of Chełmża mr. Julian Preisa cooperates with similar institutions. The library has existed since 1946 and one should remember this is the largest institution in its kind. The library conducts reading activities as well as expositions. The Museum Room is part of the organisational structure of the Library and presents a permanent exposition concerning the history of Chełmża and its neighbourhoods. The Lounge of Exhibition is compromised in the Chełmża town hall. Here, art works of a wide artistic range of both Chełmża and other localities are presented. The Centre of Culture deals as well with the terrain of the organisation of cultural life in the city. It has been active since 1999 and was qualified to create and popularise mass culture in the City of Chełmża. The realisation of the tasks of the Centre of Culture follows forms of activity such as:

• sections of interests,
• own events,
• the realization of events and municipal ceremonies,

The organisation of the Centre of Culture is divided into the

• arts section
• musical section,
• vocal section,

     The Centre of Culture also embodies a small internet cafe
     In June 2002 an Information Point about the European Union was established
The library is the publisher of regional monthly " the Voice of Chełmża", which concerns current issues of the city the and its neighboring communes.

The Chełmża Company of Culture
Market 4, tel. 675-24-61

     Located in the library building the Chełmża Company of Culture has been in function since 1968. Thanks to the initiative of its members the Company has since 1990 been publishing the “Chełmża Newspaper”. This links it back to the period before WWII when the newspaper was published under the same title.


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