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Sport and Tourism

Sports play an important role in the local activity of the city. In Chełmża seven sport clubs exist, which are:

1. The Tourists Sports Club "Textile Worker - Włókniarz”
Boulevard 1000 - the lecia, tel. / 056 / 675-20-93, / 056 / 675-35-07

Włókniarz has been established in 1999 and has two fields of activities during the summer, sailing and kayaking. Platforms and kayaks are present and serve kayak and sailor groups from different clubs as well as tourists arriving with their own equipment. A sub structure of Włókniarz is the Schoolboy Sport Club “Student”, which has accomplished successes in kayak polo in the country and the region.

2. “Rowing Company 1927 - Towarzystwo Wioślarskie 1927”
Maja street 14
The rowing section functions for its own needs as well as for other clubs.

3. Soccer Club "Legia”
Maja street 18, tel. / 0-56 / 675-21-60)

4. Boxing Club "Drive On - Pogoń”
ul. Hallera 19

5. Modelling Club “Combat”
It takes place in Polish championships with models of airplanes, vehicles and ships.

6. The interschool Karate Club "Chełmża”
Practicing karate in the "Shotokan” style

7. The “Angling Wheels - Koła Wędkarskie”
Bł. Jute street 4 tel. 0-56 / 675-30-45 and / 0-56 / 675 20 51
The biking club is very active at the terrain of the city. The club unites bikers from the whole cities area.

The city furthermore provides two sport centers for exercising sports. These are

• Sports Hall "Spectecular" (Hallera street 19, tel. 0-56 / 675 65 93)
The sports hall is equipped with air-conditioning and rehabilitation. The Hall possesses equipment for handicapped persons as well. The playing field meets the requirements for all team sports.

• Municipal Stadium, Maja street 18, tel. (0-56) 675-36-55
The stadium provides the infrastructure for practicing athletics, and also a training plate and a shooting area.

Through the city run three tourist routes, which are possible to conduct on foot or by bicycle:

1. The yellow route runs through Papowo Bishop - Bielczyny - Chełmża. It has a total length of 10,4 km.
2. The blue route runs through Chełmża - Mirakowo - Stoneware clay - Gronowo - Whirl - Ciechocinek. It has a total length of 39,5 km.
3. The green route runs through Chełmża - Kitchen - Grodno - Kiełbasin - Kiełbasinek -Dźwierzno - Zelgno - Witkowo -Dziemiony - Stingy - Bielczyny Głuchowo - Nawra - Kończewice - Chełmża. Its total length consists of 44 km.

Click the map to view the routes.

Archidiakonka – The Lake

The Chełmża lake is called Archidiakonka and covers 299 hectare. Several sorts of fish exist in it, such as walleye, pike, perch, bream, roach and carp. Big carps and trout are the specialty of the lake.

These different sorts of fish make the lake attractive for fishery. At Archidiakonka one can take part in unique adventure fishing camps, which aim at catching big carps. One can obtain fishing permission at the Municipality's Polish Angling Relationship at  Bł. Jute street 4, tel. 0-56 / 675-30-45 or 0-56 / 675 20 51.

The tourist attractiveness of Chełmża mainly lies in the value of the lake, which is the biggest in the Toruń district. The surface is about 299 ha and it stretches itself over a length of 6,100 m. It is approximately 27 meters deep and its water is recognised as being in the second class of cleanness.

The lake's sports centres are situated in the

• Excursion House at Tumska street 12, tel. 0-56 / 675 45 83 and at
• Municipal Beach "Secluded Spot", where one can hire swimming equipment.

  • autor: merle&michał, data: 13.07.05



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